Misconceptions About Sciatica Pain

how to cure sciatica pain
Some of the most common misconceptions about sciatica pain are:

Sciatica pain misconception #1 – Thinking you are very healthy to have sciatica pain

You may exercise on a regular basis. You may be eating the right food. You may never fall sick.

But all these does not mean that you do not have sciatica pain.

Your routine exercise program can cause back pain issues.

For example, if you are focusing too much on certain areas of your body, thereby making the back pain worse.

So being fit does not mean that you are completely shielded against sciatica pain.


Sciatica pain misconception #2 – Not treating the pain,the first time it occurs

You may encounter back pain that continues for many days and then gradually reduces.

When the back pain vanishes, you simply ignore it rather than make an attempt to find the cause for the back pain.

You may think that as soon as the back pain disappears, there is nothing to worry about.

But, this is a very common misconception about sciatica pain that you should correct and also educate other people about.


Sciatica pain misconception #3 – Treating only the symptom

The therapies that you receive like – anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections etc, will only address the back pain symptoms.

Please be aware that back pain is just an indication that something is wrong.

Even if you get rid of the pain, you need to address the issue that’s going to continue.


Sciatica pain misconception #4 – Failing to understand that back pain is a process

Sciatica pain, back pain and leg pain sometimes take many weeks, months or years to develop.

Normally, you are not aware of the condition until it begins to hurt.

Sciatica pain is rarely a one time occurrence. Back pain normally does not begin overnight.


Sciatica pain misconception #5 – Under impression that no other options remain

After suffering from sciatica pain for some time and trying out various treatment options many people think that no more options remain and give up hope.

They end up believing that expensive surgical treatment is the only option left.

Or even worse, they think that they will have to suffer this pain all through their life.

As highlighted earlier, rather than focusing on the pain, finding out what is causing the pain is the real issue.

When you get to the root cause of the back pain, it becomes easier to deal with the pain efficiently.


Sciatica pain misconception #6 – Not taking control

Patients suffering with back pain look upon others to make them well.

However, the truth is that no one cares about your body more than you. And you should have the determination to allow and assist your whole body to heal.

The problem with sciatica pain is that the sciatica causes are different for each person and is due to a combination of different factors.

Nobody other than you will ever consider the entire picture or the holistic aspect of what is resulting in your sciatica pain.